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Doctor Hafiza Munaza Malik

Specialty Areas

  • Oral Surgery
  • Periodontology
  • Operative Dentistry
  • Prosthodontics
  • Orthodontics


  • Dr. Abdul Munim Clinic (1.2 years)
  • Nishtar Institute of Dentistry (1 year)

Welcome To Oral Care Dental Clinic

At our dental clinic in Dera Ismail Khan, we are committed to vitalizing your smile by ensuring healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.

Our dentist Dr. Munaza Malik, is a highly skilled dentist. She worked as a House Surgeon in Nishtar Dental Hospital Multan. Furthermore, when you go into our facility, you’ll be in the best hands. In addition, you will experience relief that exceeds your expectations.

We offer affordable health care in a relaxed environment that is suited to your budget before offering you the best solution.

In the main, we understand the importance of cleanliness during dental procedures. Our equipment is sterilized. This ensures that you are undergoing the most secure procedure in a safe and healthy environment. Additionally, we utilize disposable and sterilized dental tools whenever possible to ensure maximum safety.

Our Latest Techniques

At Oral Care Dental Clinic, we adhere to the most recent methods. These methods are up-to modern with research findings from the latest scientific studies to ensure you receive the most effective treatment. Smile to cover up the hurt? Not quite! Smile because there’s no pain. We believe in pain-free dental care in the Oral Care Dental Clinic. With the most advanced dental equipment available and a staff ready to help you in every way to ensure your comfort, it is an aspect of ours. Our clinic is among the best dental clinics in Dera Ismail Khan we provide the best services that cause minimal pain and deliver the best outcomes.

We would like you to live life to the highest level, enjoying the pleasures of everything that is hot and cold! Vital, healthy gums and teeth enable you to enjoy cold drinks and hot drinks without feeling uncomfortable because of sensitive teeth. The dentist at Dera Ismail Khan is going to ensure that you are not afraid of food items you love.

With our accommodating and helpful dentist and staff, We promise that we will never make regret anything to make you smile such as an appointment at Oral Care Dental Clinic. 

We Make Smiles

The majority of dentists at Dera Ismail Khan recognize that smiles are the most effective method of non-verbal communication in the globe. We also are committed to giving a vivacious and attractive appearance to your smile carefully. Many people shy away from engaging in social interactions because of the imperfections in their teeth. Furthermore, psychologists don’t think about the significance of a stunning smile when it comes to social interactions, and so do we. Additionally, our knowledge of cosmetic dentistry can meet all your needs for an overhaul of your smile. A beautiful smile that is clear of any imperfections increases confidence. Additionally, it eliminates any resistance you may have to take advantage of the opportunities that are your choice!

Our patients leave our office with stunning and healthy smiles that are extremely infectious. It can lift everyone else’s mood as well. Say cheese!

Contact us by dialing +923463297429 to inquire about information, or to schedule an appointment.