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What can adults do to maintain good oral health?

Your teeth can be maintained for the rest of your life. Here are a few things you’ll need to do to keep your mouth healthy and healthy teeth.

  • Drink fluoridated water, and then brush your teeth using fluoride-based toothpaste.
  • Keep your mouth clean. Cleanse your teeth every day, and floss regularly between your teeth to get rid of plaque from the teeth.
  • Make an appointment with your dentist at least every year, regardless of whether you do not have natural teeth or wear dentures.
  • Avoid using the products of tobacco. If you are a smoker, stop.
  • Beware of alcohol-related drinks.
  • If you suffer from diabetes, try to keep control of your disease. This reduces the chance of other complications, such as gum disease. Gum disease treatment can lower the blood sugar level.
  • If the medication you are taking results in dry mouth consult your physician for a different medication that isn’t likely to cause this problem. If dry mouth can’t be avoided, drink plenty of fluids, chew sugar-free gum, and steer clear of smoking tobacco and alcohol.
  • Visit your doctor or dentist if there are abrupt changes in your taste or smell.
  • As a caregiver, assist older people to brush or floss their teeth when they aren’t able to do it on their own.

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